Short-Term Business Loan

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    Loan Amount

    $5,000.00 - $500,000.00

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    Loan Term

    3 – 36 months

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    Interest Rates

    5.99% and up

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    As little as 24 hours

In recent years, short-term business loans have grown in popularity as an alternative means for business owners to secure financing for opportunities without waiting on traditional term loans.

Traditional term loans from the bank may take too long for certain business ventures, causing businesses to miss their window of opportunity. For example, a discount may only be available for a limited time or a marketing opportunity may be time-sensitive in connection to a certain event or season.

And sometimes businesses just need some assistance covering expenses while they wait for clients to pay. A short-term business loan can provide a solution for these needs better than a multi-year loan.

Business Loan Networks is proud to provide a marketplace that includes short-term business loans for those who need a faster way to finance limited time opportunities or those looking to cover costs short-term.

Other Advantages of Short-Term Financing:

Short-term business loans can help build your business credit through reporting to the Business Credit Bureaus. Short-term financing also allows businesses to qualify for larger loans and longer terms down the road. For example, if you pay back a 3-month loan on time, this demonstrates to lenders that you are a responsible and reliable borrower. Your track record will help you secure larger loans with a longer repayment term in the future since lenders have proof of your financial stability and have increased confidence in your ability to repay the loan. This means you will have easier access to larger funds with longer terms if and when your business needs financing for future endeavors. And having more options at your disposal means you get the best deal possible.

At Business Loan Networks, we want to help you find the best possible financial solution for your business. To learn more about short-term business loans, explore our site or contact us today.

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